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June 2016


Europe Trip 2015

Hey Guys!

Sorry I have been so MIA things have been going extremely well and exciting. Looking forward to sharing the past few months with you.

As I mentioned, in my last few post’s I was working with a acupuncturist and hypnotherapist as well as a chiropractor to get my body balanced and back on track before flying! I also paid my rheumatologist and cardiologist a visit before leaving for Europe to get the final go ahead. I have been wonderfully healthy and completely on track! Still having fatigue and pain when I get my period but NOTHING like the POTs symptoms I would get a year ago!

Leaving for my trip I was very nervous and just worried about leaving my team of medical professional back here in the US. My cardiologist gave me everything I needed “just in case” I have any major heart tacarcadia situations over seas. He also provided me a list of Doctors in Switzerland and Italy. That gave me major relief and peace of mind.

On to the trip, flying that far was nerveracking but worth it. My husband and I kept ourselves busy by watching the entire 2 first seasons of Ray Donavon! We are hooked and it was the perfect thing to do to keep my mind busy! With my doctors advice we spit the trip up and had a layover in Canada and then off to Geneva from Canada for another 7 hour flight or so. I had my compression stockings and did wear those for the second leg of the flight to Geneva. We landed and everything was wonderful! I felt great and we were so excited to check into our hotel. Geneva was amazingly beautiful, clean and peaceful! The shopping was amazing and Lake Geneva was surrounded by amazing castles and stunning homes. We loved the first few days there!


After spending time in Geneva we took our car on a road trip up to the Swiss Alpes to Zermatt. I think this was my favorite place we visited the whole 2 weeks we were in Europe. It was truly stunning and such a beautiful, fun town. Seeing the Matterhorn was spectacular and way better then the Disneyland verison…hahahah! Our hotel was AMAZING! Or room overlooked all of Zermatt, the mountains and the town. Our room was as if we were in a little glass box! Windows surrounded us and the view was beautiful!





After going to Zermatt we continued our adventures to Montreux, it was absolutely stunning and so was our stay at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. One of the most amazing hotels we have ever stayed in! In Montreux we visited the chillon castle and walked all along the lake enjoying the town, food and wine!




From Montreux we finally made it to Italy- Venice, Florence/Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Rome. All together Italy was absolutely amazing. The food was to die for! Our whole trip consisted of walking, eating, sightseeing and more eating… It is hard to pick a favorite place in Italy because all of them were so wonderful. We dream about going back and spending weeks just in Italy exploring. Never enough time to see everything on vacation…I keep wanting to pick which city in Italy was my favorite but all of them were so fun and exciting I cant seem to choose..




IMG_5375We made it back safe and all in one piece with so many memories together that we will cherish forever.

Recovering from heat stroke and eventually ending up with Pots has been tone of the most life changing events in my life. I have learned to not take anything for granted, material stuff doesn’t mean everything, and being healthy and having someone to spend my life adventures with it truly the only thing that matters. I can honestly say I live my life now not in fear (well sometimes, if you ask Tyler) but to take more chances, go on more adventures, do what I want to do, don’t let people or work stress you out to much! You only live once and you never know what twists and turns your life will take. For all my potsie friends still recovering, know you will get better and you can do anything you train your mind and body to do!