4th weekend 2015!

So excited to share all my mast cell blood work came back negative! very grateful. I assumed it would considering I was back to normal after a week of weird symptoms.

Hope everyone have a great 4th! My family came to town to visit with us we had a wonderful time! Last year I could barely function. I was so sick still and couldn’t handle anything especially the heat, the sun, foods, you name it I couldn’t handle it.

This year was awesome, I went to an early morning parade in my neighborhood, drank a little wine at the pool in the heat and sun with some of our neighborhood friends, (with a million glasses of water of course) and ate BBQ. (I even had gluten and a little cheese).I didn’t even think about being “sick” or any symptoms. It was great to feel back to normal… 

In the recent months I have been trying to get my business Polished Staging off the ground. It has been wonderful and such a success so far! My business partners and I set everything up, got our inventory and have a warehouse full of furniture. Our current project is a 4300 sq ft. home in a beautiful gated community! I can’t wait to post before and after photos! It has been such an amazing and fun learning experience and I am so blessed to be able to own my own businesses. Hard work does pay off!

In the coming months and weeks I am working hard to stay fit, stay healthy and strong and kick some ass in the business world! I can’t stress enough following your passion in key to a healthy life!

2 months until we travel to Europe for our huge vacation and I seriously am so excited! Every city and hotel is seriously my dream! Looking forward to sharing my experience with you!



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