6/24 week

Hey Guys, 

Had a great weekend and feeling back to normal again! yay! Been pushing myself way to hard with running and working out (trying to get back in shape!). Blood pressure and heart rate has been low, per my usual but trying to listen to my body and rest when needed. 

This weekend, Tyler and I had a much needed date day in La Jolla. It was beautiful! Love our day dates! 


As far as my updates still waiting on 2 more tests for mast cell, as of now all test have come back negative! yay. Looks like I may have been having some sort of extreme heart burn or indigestion.. who knows… always something right…

I have been chatting with Dr. Treyzon and a few more of my specialists and they made sure to remind me to not pursue the route of Lyme, all my tests were clearly negative (3- including the most accurate one by Igenex) and there is absolutely no need to be chasing a ghost…They all had to remind me that I am better and that doesn’t just happen if a bacterial infection or lyme is present. 

I am still working with my amazing life coach an acupuncturist Courtney O’Brien, she has been guiding me and helping me understand how to move forward and not live in fear about going backwards. We have had some amazing progress and I absolutely would recommend acupuncture and any therapy or coaching to anyone who has suffered an extreme health related illness or trama.


Heat is still a huge deal for me, but I am managing and making sure I stay extra hydrated and and cool throughout the day.

On a positive note my new business is getting off the ground and I couldn’t be more excited! I will share more soon when everything is finalized! Big meetings today!

Thanks for all the emails, and texts!  so amazing to have such a great community of Potsies! 




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