How comfortable is to comfortable?


These past two weeks have been crazy busy! I have become almost myself again, minus my fear which I am still working on. 🙁

On memorial day weekend Tyler and I stayed home, and attended the memorial day party at our neighborhood park! It was catered by Phil’s BBQ. Delicious but I’m not sure the BBQ sauce was gluten free….(Funny, I was actually called out by another neighbor that I wasn’t sticking to my “diet”, funny thing is, not sure if he ever even read my blog or even know what kind of “diet” I follow..). Hello people its not a diet, its a lifestyle…. Gluten and Dairy free…. plus I only ate the tri-tip and chicken. well….I also had a bite of coleslaw and beans, bit nothing crazy. I mean I can’t be perfect with my diet all the time… which brings me to a very good point, how comfortable is to comfortable? Now that I am healing back to normal and somewhat better I’ve been sliding on my diet…. and boy have I felt the difference. 

This past weekend I hosted my family at my house for the balloon and wine festival out in Temecula. I had wine, broke my diet (ate bread with dinner) and was in the sun a majority of the day. I developed a heat rash and had to leave the balloon festival early. Once we left the balloon festival, we made our way to a few indoor wineries and had a delicious dinner. Everything was fine until the next morning at breakfast. (Sunday). I had half a cup of decaf coffee with  almond milk and the feeling like my throat was closing up suddenly happened all over again….haven’t had that since Oct 2014…. It stuck with me throughout the day and got better at night. Now Monday, I had my normal diet, green smoothie for breakfast and veggie soup for lunch and within an hour of eating I have the throat swelling feeling again! what a nightmare! I just put a call into my GI doctor and will be having a phone appointment soon. 

This all brings me back to a point of knowing when and when not to push myself. I can’t help but realize that everything I do needs to be modified for my “new” life…. Its so annoying and hard to understand but I guess when I feel good in order to stay that way I need to stay 100% on track. 

Not pushing myself is the hardest thing ever….


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