Overview POTs Syndrome

Hey Guys!

I found a few informative videos on POTs and thought I would share for an easy understanding. To read more about my specific journey and how I developed POTs read My 11 Month Journey 

I am so thankful that my syndrome is fully under control and I am no longer on medication. (5 Months from any major episodes or hospital visits!)

My blood pressure it back to normal (Low-normal but normal) and I am working my ass off to get back in shape, all well feeling extremely bloated from the amount of salt I have to eat! (I am finally starting to actually like salt, and let me tell you, that has been a challenge in itself!). I am still extremely fatigued some days but seem to be able to push through and make the most out of everyday! 

Here is a longer video but I great explanation on what POTs is, hope you have 45 mins to watch! 

Here is a short and sweet overview of POTs

Dummy POTs Video, Pretty Hilarious, and the best video yet! (I am back to a normal weight and actually trying to get back in shape, go figure). LOL But this is a pretty good example of what its like to talk with most about POTs. 

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