Update July 2015

Lots of fun and exciting stuff going on these past few weeks.

First off, my new business Polished Staging is officially up and running, we have been so busy and have made some wonderful contacts. Staged 2 homes in 2 weeks and they both sold the first day on the market, one highest price in the neighborhood and one with 6 offers! This makes the blood, sweat and tears totally worth it! Not to mention we have so many brokers calling to want us to stage their listings. We feel so happy and blessed! 

Personally,  my health has been great! Working out and pushing myself again has been wonderful. I started with my trainer Marisol and now picked up Orange Theory! First few classes have been a struggle and I became dehydrated and blood pressure dropped but I’m staying extra hydrated and increased my salt intake…even doing a dreaded glass of salt water after working out… but whatever works right! 

Acupuncture has still been working wonders! Loving my appointments with life coaching and acupuncture. My coach has been such a great person to talk with and come up with positive life plans and goals. It seems to keep me balanced and relaxed! 

Hypnotherapy has come to an end and I have to say the overall experience has been worth it! I fly in a few weeks so we will how much it has helped with my anxiety. 

Over all Ive been keeping up with my workouts and haven’t had any major set backs! Knock on wood! 

So happy to be back! 

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